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Company English Name (It should be the same as the registered/corporation name on your Business Register Certificate or relevant documents): TAK SUN SCHOOL

Company Chinese name: 寰蜂俊瀛告牎

Address: 103 Austin Road


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Title:寰蜂俊瀛告牎 Tak Sun School
寰蜂俊瀛告牎 Tak Sun School
姝ら爜鍏у闇瑕佹洿鏂扮増鏈殑 Adobe Flash Player.
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Visitor number 28262198
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銆婃槑鍫卞壇鍒 Happy Pama 鏁欏緱妯傘嬪皥瑷湰鏍10 May 2017] 瑕栬钘濊绉戝睍瑕 -銆婃ü鐨勭媯鎯炽10/5鑷17/5锛屾杩庡悇鐣屼汉澹埌鍫村弮瑙[09 May 2017] 鏈牎鐛插緱2017棣欐腐鎵嬮埓绡鎵嬮悩涓礆灏忓绲勯噾鐛嶽09 May 2017] 寰蜂俊浠旀柤璺崇供姣旇辰鐛插緱澶氬嬬崕闋匸07 May 2017] 涓骞 #32423;鍚屽鍙冭棣欐腐鍕曟鐗╁叕鍦抂06 May 2017] 寰蜂俊浠旀柤銆2017鍏ㄦ腐灏忓娓告吵閭璜嬭辰銆嶅オ寰楀闋呬匠绺綶03 May 2017] 棣欏扯鐩冨叏娓鎶姣旇辰2017 瓒呯礆杌岃贰璩藉媷濂噾鐛嶽02 May 2017] 妤婃晱槌宠佸斧鐛插緱2016棣欐腐璩介Μ鏈冨鏍″劒绉鏁欑反 #22892;[28 Apr 2017] 寰蜂俊瀛告牎鎺ュ彈銆婂厭绔ュ揩鍫便嬭í鍟廩21 Apr 2017] 妯圭殑鐙傛兂[05 Apr 2017] 鑻辨枃闆诲瓙鍦栨浉闁辫畝閲忔渶澶氱殑鍚屽鑸囨牎闀峰叡鏅夋棭榛瀃03 Apr 2017] 璜嬪悇浣嶅闀峰強瀛哥敓鎶曠エ鏀寔6铏-寰蜂俊瀛告牎鐨勭煭鐗嘯29 Mar 2017] 銆屽績閫e績璺戝嚭鍏夋槑銆嶉珨椹楀偡鍋ュ叡铻嶄箣妯俒29 Mar 2017] 鏍″湌鍫辩珷 - 寰疯▕Joy Post鍓 #21003;铏焄14 Mar 2017] 寰蜂俊瀛告牎鍏ㄦ牎闄搁亱鏈冨凡闋嗗埄鑸夎[24 Feb 2017] 璁氬ソ鏍″湌瑷晱寰蜂俊鐨勬枃绔燵16 Feb 2017] 87th Anniversary of Tak Sun School[13 Feb 2017] 鑱牎璩囪▕绉戞妧瀛告渻mBot姗熸浜烘瘮璩-HK Formula m閬欐帶杌婄嵅寰椾簽杌峓11 Feb 2017] 鏈牎鏂间簩鏈堝崄鏃(鏄熸湡浜)鑸夎銆岃彲鏈嶆棩銆嶆椿鍕昜10 Feb 2017] 閮秴缇ゆ牎闀峰績鐩腑鐨勩岃畾濂芥牎鍦掋- 缍蹭笂褰辩墖[27 Jan 2017] 閮秴缇ゆ牎闀峰績鐩腑鐨勩岃畾濂芥牎鍦掋- SchooLike 璁氬ソ鏍″湌 Facebook[27 Jan 2017] 鏄熷扯鏃ュ牨闄藉厜鏍″湌鍒婄櫥'寰蜂俊鍔嶆搳闅'璩囪▕[18 Jan 2017] 棣欐腐绔ヨ粛涔濋緧绗崄鍏梾 - 鏅夊崌鍙婂瑾撶Ξ鏆65鍛ㄥ勾鍟熷嫊绂甗17 Jan 2017] 婢抽杸鏂拌彲瀛告牎鏍¢暦鍙婁腑灏忓閮ㄨ佸斧瑷牎瀛歌浜ゆ祦[14 Jan 2017] 瀹堕暦瀛稿爞锛氳Κ瀛愮編榛炵児椋彮[13 Jan 2017] 鏍¢暦淇$锛屾杩庡悇浣嶅痉淇′粩瀵俊绲︽垜![09 Jan 2017] 寰蜂俊浠旂嵅涔濋緧鍏湌鐠颁繚鍢夊勾鑿個璜嬭〃婕擺09 Jan 2017] 鏃ユ湰浜兘鍚屽織绀句腑瀛告牎鍓牎闀峰埌瑷痉淇″鏍09 Jan 2017] HK Schools Speech Festival 2016 - 3rd Prize in Choral Speaking.[03 Jan 2017] 鏃ユ湰鏁欒偛姗熸Teachers Organization of Skill Sharing (TOSS)瑷牎[16 Nov 2016] 杓曢瑔瀛哥繏鍔犳豢FUN[16 Nov 2016] Election of Parent Manager, 2016-2017[24 Oct 2016] 鍙冭棣瀛告牎鍙婇珨椹楃瓥楱庡皬棣琜05 Oct 2016] 銆屾牎闀疯垏瀹堕暦鏃╂櫒鑼惰仛銆峓28 Sep 2016] 寰蜂俊瀛告牎鍤存鑱叉槑[26 Sep 2016] 2016-17鏍¢暦鐨勮┍[13 Sep 2016] 鍚嶄汉鏍″弸璜囧痉淇09 Sep 2016] Secondary School Places Allocation, 2015-2016[05 Jul 2016]
Address: 103 Austin Road, Kowloon Tel: (852)2367 3446 Fax: (852)2366 1589 Email:
Copyright copy; 2017 Tak Sun School. All Rights Reserved. 鐗堟瑠鎵鏈夈寰蜂俊瀛告牎
School Information Vision Message from the Supervisor Message from the Principal School Mission School History School Founder Education Spirit School Data School Song School Uniform Learning Goal Cultural Exchange Project Subject Learning Campus TV Distance Learning Civil Education Country Education Living Education Life Education 3-year Plan School Annual Plan School Annual Report School-based After-School Learning and Support Programmes Strengthening School Administration Management Teaching Assessment Continuing Professional Development of Teachers Parent Education External Resources School Performance Teaching and Research Professional Development Professional Development Schools (PDS) Scheme Secondary School Places Allocation Student Performance Service Team Photo Album Holy Family Chapel Tak Sun Little Sprouts Holy Family Sodality Tak Sun Kindergarten Tak Sun Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association Hong Kong Scout 18th Kowloon Group Alumni Secondary School Information Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary) Web School Administration Management System (WebSAMS) Staff Intranet eClass Administrative Console WebCMS Tak Sun SMS Platform Temp Wireless Service Basic Law (Primary) Story Maps

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